Race entry Lotteries: Is this the future of entries systems?

Registration lottery systems have continued to grow in popularity in recent years as demand for race entries has outpaced the slots made available. No matter how well-equipped they are, online registration technology companies realise that spreading the registration load is to everyone’s benefit. Lotteries can work very well and are ideal for this purpose. Lotteries also offer other benefits, race entries are determined in a fair, non-hurried manner that allows everyone an opportunity to be chosen. Races are also able to accurately assess their level of demand and try to meet the needs of their participants accordingly. So if demand show’s the need to increase numbers events can consider it! Race organisers can set there own criteria! Previous winners, Internationals, etc. The old way of registration based on first come first severed I believe benefits the person who is at work and hovers over there computer waiting for entries to open, what about someone on the road for work with only marginal cellphone coverage or someone doing the school run.  Is that fair? Why should they miss out! I believe the lottery style system is not only beneficial to large volume events but I believe is also very fair for popular events!  Rather than using a FULL lottery system you can also look at doing a pre-registration to show your interest in competing, then the allow the people registering to register at a leisurely pace.

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