• How does the MyLaps ProChip System work?

    Each participant is equipped with a Transponder, which will send a signal to a detection system called a Decoder at each timing checkpoint. The decoder will record the exact time that the transponder passes over the central axis of the Detection Loop, which is a series of wires set up at ground level at the checkpoint. The movement of a transponder over the loop is known as a Passing.
  • What’s the difference between Active RFID (ProChip) and Passive RFID?

    Generically, there are two types of transponder timing systems; active and passive. An active transponder consists of a battery-powered transceiver, connected to the athlete, that emits its unique code when it is interrogated. A passive transponder does not contain a power source inside the transponder. Instead, the transponder captures electromagnetic energy produced by a near-by exciter and utilizes that energy to emit its unique code.
    In both systems, an antenna is placed at the start, finish, and in some cases, intermediate time points and is connected to a decoder. This decoder identifies the unique transponder code and calculates the exact time when the transponder passes a timing point.Active RFID (Our system)The unique feature about the MyLaps ProChip System is that it uses Active RFID transponders. Each transponder is equipped with a battery that is used to power its circuitry and antenna. The internal circuitry of the transponder is only activated when it comes near a detection loop, saving battery power and allowing the battery to last for 5 years or about 100,000 passings. Powering each transponder ensures that its unique ID is transmitted to the detection loop for detection, enabling 100% capture of passings. Making its readability very good up to 90cm off the ground.Passive RFIDThe RFID timing transponders harvest a tiny amount of electricty from the magnetic field generated by the timing boxes so the signal it uses to broadcast its unique ID is very small. In good conditions, RFID transponders will be read anywhere from knee height downwards. For this reason readability can only be guaranteed at around 90-95%.
  • Does the ProChip timing transponder work if it’s in my Pocket (Bum Bag / Hat / Wrist, etc)?

    We would say NO. The timing transponder needs to be close to the ground to maximize it readability when passing over the decoders. Best results are achieved when the transponders are attached to shoes or around an ankle with the strap we provide.
  • How long does it take to produce Results?

    In almost all cases, results are available to race organisers in real-time as they are constantly being downloaded to our timing computers and processed in real-time. Therefore, we can normally provide you with awards reports and top finisher print outs whilst your race is still taking place.

    We also look to publish results to our online results service as soon as we can get onto the Internet and, often, we do this from the race site as soon as the final finisher has come in. If you have any time critical requirements, please let us know about these before your event.

  • How do you publish my results Online?

    SportsTiming.ie uses the online results engine powered by our timing software RaceTec- that makes publishing results for entrants a user-friendly experience.
    We can provide you a button for your website that links to our results portal. Quick and simple search functions, team results and organisation listings are all easily and intuitively accessible.
    We can also provide result for you in any format that suits. Excel, PDF, Text, etc
  • Can You Do Online Certificates?

    Well, actually, that is mostly up to you, the race organiser. But our certificate system is based on an Adobe PDF format “blank” certificate provide by you or designed by us into which we can merge a wide variety of fields from the athlete record. These provide excellent certificates for athletes because they can be printed directly without any need to worry about formatting and resizing. Saving your event money yet adding value to the participants Your competitors could even take the PDF file to a print shop and print their own high quality race certificate without the expense and aggravation of receiving a torn or crumpled certificate via the regular mail days or even weeks after the event.
  • How do I return my ProChip transponder @ Registration?

    For almost all participants, the answer is quite simple; your timing transponder will be collected from you when you cross the finish line! If you do not intend participating in the event, PLEASE DO NOT collect your timing transponder at race registration (if you still want to collect your race pack, take the transponder out of the race pack and hand it back to our timing person at the registration venue). Otherwise post your chip too; SportsTiming C/- 37 Maryville, Ballintemple, Cork
  • What is UHF?

    What is UHF?
    UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency. Ultra uses UHF RFID to communicate between reader and tag around the 900MHz spectrum. The FCC standard for USA is 902-928 MHz whilst Europe is more stringent with just 8 channels near 868Mhz. Countries like Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia/NZ use a similar spectrum between 918-924 Mhz. Readers are preconfigured to these spectrums and country specific protocols (ie frequency hopping or fixed frequency).
  • How does it work when you are timing the race?

    running image

  • What advantages does UHF have over LF and dual frequency?

    The number of vendors that manufacture UHF tags is the greatest. That means UHF tags are some of the least expensive of RFID transponders on the market owing to manufacture volumes and minimal use of copper and silicon. This makes the UHF tag priced low enough to make it disposable after use, meaning we can pass the savings onto our customers.
  • Why is MYLAPS BiBtag any different to other UHF systems?

MyLaps are one of the worlds leading Timing companies, they have been in the industry for the 30 years, with a huge RD department you know the best quality timing equipment is being released to the market.

  • Are Race Numbers included?

    Yes, we quote to include our generic race number in the price of the disposable tags. If you wish to have a custom race number then this will cost you more.
  • Can you time Triathlons with UHF?

    Yes, there has been recent developments that allow the timing of triathlons using a new disposable tag.


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